Actionable Insights

You’ll be empowered to market with personalized messaging and content that matters. Your consumers will welcome communication from your brand knowing it is carefully crafted to meet their needs.


Using TouchCR’s unique data unification technology, marketers have the power to automate email communication, discover new marketing opportunities with simple dashboards and reports, and meticulously segment customers, according to their behavior and your specific business needs.


Drag-and-drop reporting generates immediate insights and makes reporting at both the campaign and the customer level simple, flexible, and thorough. These reports can be filtered by criteria such as RFM score, landing page URL, campaign, order status, or any other appended parameters, and can be manipulated in-platform (no more excel exports!).


When reporting is done at the campaign level, campaign performance can be viewed according to key metrics such as detailed ROI, average customer value, average order value, average transaction frequency, and others. To action these insights, customer data can be viewed in the context of specific campaigns and then segmented based on behaviors or traits.


Customer reports can be analyzed through extensive B2C filters that include categories such as order details, campaign tracking, and lifetime value. With these categories you can paint a clear picture of how an individual customer is interacting with your business and how you can strengthen the relationships you have with all of your customers.


With such sophisticated reporting and in-depth insights, you can expect to increase both customer retention rates and ROI on marketing spend, drive improved customer experience, decrease ad fatigue, and guide more precise and impactful CTAs along the path to conversion.