In an increasingly digital world, your clients need a clear understanding of their customers. It’s your job to uncover customer insights that will maximize marketing spend and cultivate long term relationships for their brands.


TouchCR unifies and organizes client data in a one-box solution, offering you:

  • In-depth customer profiles with a 360-degree view of each customer in the database
  • A custom scoring solution that includes RFM analysis, and allows you to move to a predictive understanding of when customers are likely to buy, how much they are likely to spend, and how valuable they are likely to become in the future
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting tools for real-time customer segmentation and marketing insights
  • Multi-brand capabilities, so you can toggle easily between client accounts without leaving the platform



With sophisticated reporting and in-depth insights, you can deliver improved ROI on marketing spend, drive improved customer experience, decrease ad fatigue, and guide more precise and impactful CTAs along the path to conversion.