Struggling with Data Unification? Desegregate, Organize, and Improve Your Data

December 15, 2016

You’ve got charts, spreadsheets, facts and figures coming at you from every direction. Like any good marketer, you’re trying to personalize your marketing communication, and maximize your ROI, but you’re drowning in a mess of disjointed data.
Rather than optimizing spend and personalizing your marketing content, you’re instead left with disorganized data points and questions you simply can’t answer:
Who are your best customers? How much are they worth? Who has the most potential to drive growth?

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3 Ways to Score Your Customers for Sky High Retention Rates [a Framework]

December 1, 2016

As a marketer, you face the challenge of customer retention every day. You know repeat customers equal more transactions and higher conversion rates. You seek opportunities to leverage high-potential customers, maximize your ROI, and ultimately secure lasting customer relationships. But you can’t determine the best way to encourage repeat business.
Rest assured, you’re not alone…

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