Customer Profiles

TouchCR integrates all in-house data and enriches it with external data appends to create extensive customer profiles for a 360-degree view of every customer in your database. Through integrations with most third-party commerce software, TouchCR captures valuable purchasing data – finally, you can see transactional, behavioral, demographic, and psychographic data organized in one place.

Built natively on Salesforce, TouchCR ensures your data is secure and systematized for ultimate ease of access.


The magnitude of customer knowledge you’ll receive fosters Intelligent Personalization, allowing you, the marketer, to communicate with relevance.


David Johnson

25-34 yrs

RFM Score: 444

Acquired via: Razor Acquisition Email

Last opened an email: 6/2016

Email box volume: HIGH

Medium Value Customer

You’re marketing to people – let TouchCR help you achieve your most personalized, precise, and profitable campaigns yet.


Learn about TouchCR’s proprietary customer scoring technique, developed to help you segment your customer database and provide a predictive understanding of future behavior.

TouchCR Enhanced Profile Data

  •   Customer Details

  •   Demographic Information

  •   Interest Areas

  •   Purchase History

  •   RFM Score

  •   Email Analysis

  •   Location Information

  •   Account Web Tracking