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Pricebook Eligibility Pricing set by business rules to be applied to carts controlled by TouchCR to provide variations in pricing to different customers based on their financial performance. ie VIP customer pricebook for high value clients.
Black List Prevent orders being placed by customers on your site who either have multiple returns as a percentage of transactions or submit chargebacks to their credit card company This is used to protect your merchant reputation.
Lead CTL Lead conversion time lag is the time between a consumer opting in to your email list and buying their first product from you. This provides tow measures, how long it takes you to create a customer from a lead and provides a time lag on the ROI from your advertising spend.
Total CPA The total cost per acquisition provides the cost of acquiring the customer based on the campaign used to acquire them and the spend on that campaign. This requires the TouchCR tracking be available in all channels to provide a reliable CPA.
Recency Score Using the RFM scoring technique this provides the Recency dimension when comparing this customer with all customers in the whole database.
Frequency Score Using the RFM scoring technique this provides the Frequency dimension when comparing this customer with all customers in the whole database.
Monetary Score Using the RFM scoring technique this provides the Monetary dimension when comparing this customer with all customers in the whole database.
RFM Score Using the RFM scoring technique this provides the full RFM score when comparing this customer with all customers in the whole database. This field is provided both as a text and integer field to ensure full analysis can be done not only within Salesforce core but also within Wave using both Grouping and Measurements.
Recency Score Brand Using the RFM scoring technique this provides the Recency dimension when comparing this customer with all customers acquired on the same brand in the database.
Frequency Score Brand Using the RFM scoring technique this provides the Frequency dimension when comparing this customer with all customers acquired on the same brand in the database.
Monetary Score Brand Using the RFM scoring technique this provides the Monetary dimension when comparing this customer with all customers acquired on the same brand in the database.
RFM Score Brand Using the RFM scoring technique this provides the full RFM score when comparing this customer with all customers acquired on the same brand in the database. This field is provided both as a text and integer field to ensure full analysis can be done not only within Salesforce core but also within Wave using both Grouping and Measurements.
Customer Value The total amount of money the consumer has spent with you, this provides insight into the customer value and when combined with demographic information and RFM scoring can provide insight into who is the highest value, who they are, how many of those clients you have and what is their spending propensity and buying behavior.
Average Order Value The average amount of money spent with you when a consumer buys from you. When combined with other fields helps you understand the likely spending amount when a transaction occurs and can be used to indicate future ROI. Average order value also gives you a measure of growth, adjusting the average order value of your customers upwards by 10% will provide 10% growth to your business and as such this should be used as a growth metric.
“Average Number of Days Between Orders” The average number of days between orders indicates the average buying cadence of the customer and can be used as an input to marketing activity to supporting the buying cadence or to reduce the buying cadence for the customer.
Days Since Last Order The number of days since the last completed order indicates the amount of time since the customer placed the order. This is available as an integer to allow Marketing Cloud and Process Builder to trigger campaign actions after fixed numbers of without having the issues associated with date mathematics across platforms.
Refunds & Fails Total This is an ongoing measure of the number of orders a client placed and either refunded or failed to pay in full. Customers with high scores reduce business performance significantly and should be possibly blacklisted.
“Days Between Avg. And Last” The number of days between the average number of days between orders and the number of days since the last order provide a attrition reversal trigger. We can identify clients that are starting to disengage as their buying cadence starts to diminish. This number can be used to trigger re-engagement campaigns to stop you losing customers.
Email Quality Score The email quality score provides a visual representation of the quality of the email address based on a number of key metrics. The key metrics on their own only provide part of the picture, but when combined clearly indicate the quality of the email address itself. In addition the filed will flag possible spam traps, soft and hard bounce issues.
Email InBox Is Valid The email address provided currently has an operating email box that is receiving email.
Email Velocity A measure between 1 and 10 of how busy your inbox is including all emails not sent by TouchCR. This provides an indication of how busy the inbox actually is.
Email Popularity A measure between 1 and 10 of how many different ISPs are sending email to your inbox. This is an indication of the variety of email senders sending to this email address.
Email Syntax is Valid The email address entered was spelt correctly.

MiniFraud Score The fraud detection score. This is returned as a probability for orders placed on platform. Action can immediately and automatically be triggered based on the score. A high fraud score will automatically stop the transaction, a medium score will pass the transaction and open a case and a low score will allow the transaction through cleanly.
Payment Method The range of possible payment methods. When conducting on platform this is accurate, the information pulled through the connector may or may not have this information available.
“Web Tracking Fields: utm_” The fields with the utm_ as a prefix are fields collected from the web site when the order is being created. This information provides a unique identifier for the source of the traffic that the order was acquired through. This information is used to match the order to the unique Campaign configured within TouchCR. This campaign association provides a path to direct attribution ROI calculations for web traffic. If no matching campaign is available, matching will need to be done manually. This tracking information is only complete when TouchCR tracking code and tracking code collection is available and configured on the web sites or apps. Segmentation of acquisition can be done through this mechanism providing reports on the performance of ads and the value of customers acquired by the ads.
Sales Funnel This indicates the sales funnel used to acquire the order. This information is provided through connectors to 3rd party carts, Amazon and TouchCR platform sales funnels. This allows you to look at the order acquisition segmentation by sales funnel, to understand the value of customers by acquisition funnel.
Referral Domain This is a field provided by the TouchCR tracking code when configured which provides the referral domain that the order came from.
Landing Page URL This is a field provided by the TouchCR tracking code when configured which provides the landing page that the order arrived on when they converted and allows you to understand the conversion path.
Subscription Frequency “The frequency of the subscription which can be set to either daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually”.

Average Customer Value The average customer value for all the customers associated with the campaign. This field allows you to see how the customers escalate in value over time on a campaign. In the acquisition campaigns this allows you to identify campaigns that not only acquire customers but high value customers.
Average Days to Convert Lead This indicates the number of days to convert leads to customers on average, agin this allows you to identify campaigns that accelerate conversion.
Average Order Value This shows the average value of the orders placed on the campaign.
Total ROI This is percentage representation of the gross revenue over the costs of the campaign.
Total CPA The cost of acquisition of a customer for this campaign. Used in conjunction with the customer value and order value, the campaign even with a negative ROI initially may be a good campaign.
Total CPL The cost of acquisition of a lead for this campaign.
Total CPO The cost to get an order for this campaign. again when looking at the order value you can establish the ROI of the campaign.
Total Cost The total cost of the campaign. This is summed up from a related list of all the costs of the campaign.
Hierarchy Statistics Fields Each individual campaign is part of a hierarchy and the above fields are summed up moving up the hierarchy, so the numbers are visible at a consolidated level.


Age First Name
Gender Last Name
Postal Address Family Ties
Birth Month Birth Year
Family Ties Generation X
Baby Boomers Millennial

Engaged Home Buyers
Expecting Moms
Engaged New Parent
Advantage Target Income (Banded) DINKS – Dual Income No Kids
Advantage Target Income Indicator Networth™ (Banded)
Advantage Target Narrow Band Income (Banded) Target Income Index
Income Producing Assets Cluster Code (Banded) Epsilon Net Worth Model (Banded)
Combined Market Value of All Vehicles

Business Owner Farmer
Physician/Dentist Student
Health Care Homemaker
Lawyers/Judges Retired
Professional/Technical Federal Employee
Management Federal Employee Retired
Teacher Educator Military
Sales/Marketing Military Retired
Clerical/Service Worker Other
Tradesman/Machine Oper / Laborer

Original Mortgage Amount Mortgage expiration date (or refinance)
Home equity loan in thousands Mortgage Interest Rate (or Refinance)
Home Valuation Model Mortgage Interest Rate Type (Banded)
Home Market Value (Tax Record) Mortgage loan type (Banded)
Available home equity in thousands Refinance indicator
Home Sale Date Home equity loan indicator
Home Sale Price (Banded) Home equity loan date
First mortgage amount in thousands Living Area Square Footage Range (Banded)
Second mortgage amount in thousands Lot Code (Banded)
Mortgage date Year Home Built

Date First Seen Velocity
Longevity Month Last Open

File Code Street Suffix
Number of Sources Verifying Household (0-4) Street Post Direction
FIPS State Code Route Designator and Number
ZIP Code Box Designator and Number
ZIP-Plus 4 Secondary Unit Designation
Delivery Point Code Post Office Name
Carrier Route State Abbreviation
County Code Address/Name Censor Code
Nielson County Size Code® Address Quality Code
Surname Address Type
Name Suffix Full Area Code – All Available
House Number Telephone – All Available
Fraction Phone Suppression Source
Street Prefix Direction Phone Transaction Date
Street Name

HEALTH (Incl. Self-Reported)
ADD/ADHD Digestive
Allergies Foot Ailments
Anxiety Hearing Loss
Arthritis – Rheumatoid Heart Condition
Arthritis High Blood Pressure
Asthma High Cholesterol
Back Pain Insomnia
Bladder/Bowel Menopause
COPD Osteoporosis
Depression Pain
Diabetes Respiratory Ailments
Diabetes: Type 1 Sinus/Nasal
Diabetes: Type 2 Vision Care and Conditions

LIFESTYLE (Incl. Self-Reported)
Nutrition & Diet Hunting – Big Game
Weight Control NASCAR
Natural Foods Running/Jogging
Vitamins & Supplements Skiing / Snowboarding
Pets Walking for Health
Own a Cat Yoga/Pilates
Own a Dog Business Travel
Sports & Recreation Casino Gambling
Cycling Cruise Ship Vacation
Boating/Sailing Leisure Travel
Camping/Hiking International Travel
Fishing Timeshare
Fitness/Exercise Travel in the USA
Golf RV Vacations
Hunting/Shooting Traveler
Investments Number of Lifestyles
Burial Insurance Stocks or Bonds
Insurance Electronics
Juvenile life insurance Online Household
Life Insurance Grandchildren
Medicare Coverage Swimming Pool
Mutual Funds Science/New Technology
Adrenaline Outdoors
Beauty Style Pet Lovers
Connected Team Players
Cord Cutters Tech Fans
Fitness Design
Gamer DIY Neighbors
Gearhead Early Tech Adopters
Family CEO Fashionista

COLLECTIBLES (Incl. Self-Reported)
Stamps Figurines
Coins Art / Antiques

DONOR (Incl. Self-Reported)
Donate to Charitable Causes Political Conservative
Arts or Cultural Political Liberal
Cancer Veteran
Catholic World Relief
Children’s Active Military
Wildlife/Environmental Causes Alzheimer’s
Humanitarian Native American
Other Religious

HOBBIES (Incl. Self-Reported)
Automotive Work Hobbies – Any
Baking Motorcycle Riding
Bird Feeding/Watching Home Improvement/DIY
Career Advancement Courses Home Study Courses
Cigar Smoking Photography
Contests/Sweepstakes Quilting
Cooking Scrapbooking
Crafts Self Improvement Courses
Cultural/Arts Events Sewing / Needlework / Knitting
Gardening Wines
Gourmet Foods Woodworking

American Express Specialty Apparel
Any Credit Card Sporting Goods
Bank Card Standard Retail
Catalog Showroom Standard Specialty Card
Computer/Electronic Travel + Entertainment
Debit Card TV Mail Order
Finance Co Card Upscale Retail
Furniture Upscale Spec Retail
Grocery Visa
Home Improvement Credit Active
Home/Office Supply Auto Loans
Low End Department Store Education – Student Loans
Main Street Retail Financial Services Banking
Mastercard Financial Services Installment
Membership Warehouse Financial Services Insurance
Miscellaneous Leasing
Oil + Gas Card Mortgage – Home Mortgage
Bankcard Issue Date Number of Tradelines (Banded)
(92-211) Total balance for active accounts (92-217) # of accounts currently rated satisfactory
(92-212) Total credit limit for active accounts

Ethnicity (Banded) Language Code (Banded)
Country of Origin (Banded)

Assimilated – English Speaking Bilingual – Native Language Primary
Bilingual – English Primary Unassimilated – Native language Only

Social Profile URL Social Bio
Social Type RSS Feed
Username Following
Social ID Followers

Default Event
Artist Game
Place Brand
TV Shows Traits
Celebrity Team
Institution Non-Profit
Community Universe

Target ValueScore for All Marketers (Banded) Target ValueScore for Bank Card Marketers (Banded)
Target ValueScore for Auto Finance Marketers (Banded) Target ValueScore for Retail Marketers (Banded)

Name of Organization Current or Primary Orgaization
Title of Organization

Buy a Cell Phone Trigger Buy/Lease a Non-Luxury Vehicle Rank (Banded)
Buy a Cell Phone Trigger Change Date Lease a Vehicle Trigger
Buy a Cell Phone Trigger Rank (Banded) Lease a Vehicle Trigger Change Date
Buy a House Trigger Lease a Vehicle Trigger Rank (Banded)
Buy a House Trigger Change Date Move Residence Change Date
Buy a House Trigger Rank (Banded) Move Residence Trigger
Buy a Satellite Dish Move Residence Trigger Rank (Banded)
Buy a Satellite Dish Change Date High Speed Internet Trigger
Buy a Satellite Dish Rank (Banded) High Speed Internet Trigger Change Date
Buy/Lease a Luxury Vehicle High Speed Internet Trigger Rank (Banded)
Buy/Lease a Luxury Vehicle Change Date Home Loan Trigger
Buy/Lease a Luxury Vehicle Rank (Banded) Home Loan Trigger Change Date
Buy/Lease a Non-Luxury Vehicle Home Loan Trigger Rank (Banded)
Buy/Lease a Non-Luxury Vehicle Change Date

Cars and Trucks Change Date New First Child 0-2 Years Old Trigger
College Graduate Change Date New Young Adult to Change Date
College Graduate Trigger New Young Adult to File Trigger
Credit Card Change Date New/Pre Driver Trigger
Credit Card Trigger Newly Married Change Date
Empty Nester Change Date Newly Married Trigger
Empty Nester Trigger Newly Single Change Date
First Child Change date Newly Single Trigger
Home Market Value Trigger Retired Change Date
Home Mkt Value Change Date Retired Trigger
Income Change Date TriggerVal Home Market Value (Banded)
Income Trigger TriggerVal Income (Banded)
Mortgage Expiration Change Date TriggerVal Num of Credit Cards (Banded)
Mortgage Expiration Trigger (Banded) TriggerVal ValueScore (Banded)
New Adult Change Date ValueScore Change Date
New Adult to File Trigger ValueScore Trigger
New Driver Change Date

URL to Photo Primary Photo
Type of Photo

Score Topic

Device ID

Interest Name Interest Score
Parents Interests

Auto Parts Flowers
Kids and Babies Food Gifts
Children’s Clothing Table and Glassware
Baby Products Beauty
Computers and Software Cosmetics
Computers Hair Care
Printing and Copying Perfume and Cologne
Electronics Skin Care
Phone Products Nutrition
Mobile Phones Home and Garden
Mobile Phone Accessories Appliances
Gift Buyer Video Games
Bathroom Cats
Tools Dogs
Linens and Bedding Jewelry
Kitchen and Dining Men’s Clothing
Furniture Men’s Shoes
Garden and Patio Women’s Clothing
Garden Supplies Women’s Shoes
Home Decor Women’s Accessories
Home Improvement Sports and Outdoors
Lamps and Lighting Toys
Pets and Supplies

MUSIC (Incl. Self-Reported)
Christian or Gospel Jazz
Classical R & B
Country Rock N Roll

BOOKS/READING (Incl. Self-Reported)
Books/Reading Interior Decorating
Best Selling Fiction Medical or Health
Bible/Devotional Military
Children’s Books Entertainment
Cooking/Culinary Romance
Country Lifestyle Sports
Fashion World News

Household Income Net Worth
Marital Status Occupation
Presence of Children Education
Length of Residence Home Owner Status
Home Property Type Home Market Value
Verification Date of Household Presence of Adults Age Under 35 Inferred
Advantage Home Owner Children Age 0 to 17
Advantage Home Owner Indicator Number of Generations in Household
Advantage Household Size Household Type Code (Banded)
Advantage Household Size Indicator Title Code
Advantage Household Marital Status Gender
Advantage Household Marital Status Indicator Given Name
Advantage Dwelling Type Middle Initial (Banded)
Advantage Dwelling Type Indicator Advantage Individual Marital Status
Advantage Length of Residence “Advantage Individual Marital
Status Indicator”
Advantage Length of Residence Indicator Member Code of Person
Advantage Household Income Identifier “US Census Tract Identifier
Advantage Household Income Identifier Indicator Census Tract Suffix
Advantage Household Education Block Group Number
Advantage Household Education Indicator US Census State Code (2000) (Banded)
Advantage Household Age US Census County Code (2000) (Banded)
Advantage Household Age Indicator Rooftop Latitude
Advantage Number of Adults Rooftop Longitude
Advantage Number of Adults Indicator Political Party (Household)
Number of children in household Household Income Index
Advantage Presence of Children Narrow Band Household Income Identifier (Banded)
Advantage Presence of Children Indicator Adult Birth Date Level Indicator
Age 18-75+ Year Old Specific Birthdate of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Child
Presence of Adults Age 65+ Inferred Child 1, 2, 3, 4 Gender
Age 45-64 Year Old Inferred Child 1, 2, 3, 4 Indicator
Age 35-44 Year Old Inferred Income Producing Assets Match Level Indicator

Average Days Between Mail Order Orders EAI Index Centile
Average Days Between Online Orders EAI Match Level
Average Days Between Orders EAI Performance Rank
Average Dollars Spent EAI Ratio
Average Mail Order Dollar Amount Fall Ratio
Average Online Dollar Amount Internet
Last Offline Purchase Mail Order
Last Online Purchase Sweepstakes
Last Purchase Telemarketing
Number of Offline Purchases Mail Order Buyer
Number of Online Purchases Mail Order Donor
Number of Purchases Mail Order Responder – Insurance
Number of Sources Number of Dollars on Returns
Total Dollars Spent Number of One-Shot Orders
Total Dollars Spent Offline Number of Returns
Total Dollars Spent Online Number of Returns in the Last Year
Change in 12 Month Spending Payment Method – Cash
Change in Spending Direction Payment Method – Credit Card
Channel Preference Ratio – Catalog Performance Indicator
Channel Preference Ratio – Online Spring Ratio
Channel Preference Ratio – Retail Summer Ratio
Club/Continuity Buyer Winter Ratio

MAIL ORDER (Incl. Self-Reported)
Apparel Home Furnishing
Books Jewelry
Children’s Products Magazines
Food Big & Tall
Gifts Women’s Plus
Health & Beauty Products Videos/DVD

Buddhist Siku
Catholic Lutheran
Greek Orthodox Mormon
Hindu Eastern Orthodox
Islamic/Muslim Protestant
Jewish Shinto

The Wealth Market Family Sprawl
Globetrotters Cut-Rate Country
Business Class Online Living
Golden Agers Hunters & Collectors
Power Couples Paying It Down
Civic Spirits Rural Roots
Family Fortunes Old Homesteaders
Domestic Bliss ATM Nation
Big Spenders Timeless Tenants
Capital Accumulators Finance Chargers
Savvy Savers Sunset Times
Feathered Nests Payday Prospects
Annuity-ville Homespun Families
Financial Independents Greenback Acres
Midlife Highlife Settling Down
Leisure Land Middle Ages
Home Sweet Equity New Nests
Travel & Antiques Loan Rangers
New Money Urban Essentials
Comfortably Retired Starter Ranches
Leveraged Life Country Cottages
Bargain Lovers Social Insecurity
School Daze City Strivers
Corporate Climbers Getting-by Blues
Safe at Home Economizers
Early-Bird Specials Young Urban Renters
Conservative Couples Bottom-Line Blues
Senior Solitaire Unassigned
Retirement Ready Khakis & Credit
Fiscal Rookies

Household (record was matched at the household level) Domestic Duos
Unassigned (record was unable to be assigned to any areal level) Close-In Couples
Upper Crust Sunset City Blues
Blue Blood Estates Red, White & Blues
Movers & Shakers Heartlanders
Young Digerati New Beginnings
Country Squires Blue Highways
Winner’s Circle Old Glories
Money & Brains City Startups
Executive Suites Young & Rustic
Big Fish, Small Pond American Classics
Second City Elite Kid Country, USA
God’s Country Shotguns & Pickups
Brite Lites, Li’l City Suburban Pioneers
Upward Bound Mobility Blues
New Empty Nests Multi-Culti Mosaic
Pools & Patios Golden Ponds
Bohemian Mix Crossroad Villagers
Beltway Boomers Old Milltowns
Kids & Cul-de-Sacs Back Country Folks
Home Sweet Home Urban Elders
Fast-Track Families Park Bench Seniors
Gray Power City Roots
Young Influentials Hometown Retired
Greenbelt Sports Family Thrifts
Up-and-Comers Bedrock America
Country Casuals Big City Blues
The Cosmopolitans Low-Rise Living
Middleburg Managers Unassigned
Traditional Times Non-resi Z4; BG fill-in
American Dreams ZIP+4 fill-in
Suburban Sprawl Non-resi Z4; ZIP fill-in
Urban Achievers Non-resi. POBox; ZIP fill-in
New Homesteaders BG fill-in
Big Sky Families Residential POBox; BG fill-in
White Picket Fences Residential POBox; Z4 assignment
Boomtown Singles Residential POBox; ZIP fill-in
Blue-Chip Blues Resi – unable to assign at any level
Mayberry-ville ZIP fill-in
Simple Pleasures

Technovators Gearing Up
Plugged-In Families Broadband Boulevards
Tech Nests Opting Out
Connected Country Techtown Lites
You & I Tunes New Kids on the Grid
High-Tech Society Video Homebodies
Generation WiFi Low-Tech Country
Calling Circles Antenna Land
Dish Country Tech Skeptics
Smart Gamers Bucolic Basics
WiFi Warriors Leisurely Adopters
Satellites & Silos Landline Living
Cyber Sophisticates Old-Time Media
The Pragmatics Discounts & Deals
Bundled Burbs Dial-Up Duos
Kids & Keyboards Satellite Seniors
Time Shifters Early-Bird TV
New Technorati Tech-Free Frontier
Gadgets Galore The Unconnected
Cinemaniacs Last to Adopt
Multimedia Families Blank
Analoggers Video Vistas
Cyber Strivers Big City, Small Tech
Internet Hinterlands IM Nation
Low-Speed Boomers Techs and the City
Rural Transmissions Plug & Play
Digital Dreamers Family Dishes

Already Affluent:Homeowners Nice-&-Easy Grandparents
Big Spender Parents Oodles of Offspring
Chic Society Parks, Parts & Prayers
Diamonds-To-Go Quiet Homebodies
Easy Street Rocky Road
Feathering-The-Nest Still Going Strong
Go-Go Families Totebaggers
Home Hoppers Under-the-Car
IRA Spenders Very Spartan
Just Sailing Along Working Hard
Kiddie Kastles X-tra Needy
Loose Change Young-at-Heart
Mid-Life Munchkins Zero Mobility