In a message-heavy marketing world it has becoming increasingly difficult to reach your customers with relevant messaging where it counts.

TouchCR empowers digital marketers to market with relevance through one powerful tool that lets you:


  • Understand your customers on a deeper level and predict future customer behavior
  • Manage your customer’s journey, using the right communication at the right time
  • See trend analyses, real time customer segmentation, and direct attribution ROI on digital media buys
  • Track activity in real time via simple, customizable dashboards and reporting tools


You will maximize your digital marketing spend, while deepening engagement across every consumer touchpoint.

How it Works

TouchCR is 100% native to Salesforce to ensure a system that is scalable and secure. It is a hybrid app, the first of its kind, that allows Saleforce users to gather and act on data across all Salesforce cloud products. TouchCR can be licensed as SaaS or used to enhance an existing Salesforce partnership.

Find it on the Salesforce App Exchange, or Contact Us to explore how TouchCR can help you reach your business goals.