This data is housed and organized in TouchCR’s extensive customer profiles, which, when combined with behavioral, demographic, and psychographic data gathered through external data appends, gives you a 360-degree view of your customer.


Customers are then scored using our custom scoring solution, which enables a predictive understanding of your customers and helps you identity your best customers as well as your biggest opportunities. Individual customers are brought to life, creating a fully formed understanding of the actions needed to retain existing or acquire new customers, and continually convert customers in your database.


In addition, advanced reporting capabilities allow you to track your marketing performance with drag-and-drop reporting designed with B2C companies in mind. Reports can be filtered and manipulated using categories that matter to your consumer-facing business such as order details, campaign tracking, and lifetime value, all of which are updated each time a customer takes action. These real-time insights enable more personalized brand experiences online.


Combined, these tools allow for Intelligent Personalization, empowering you to identify high value, high opportunity customers and market to all of your customers with relevance.