TouchCR Unveils Advanced e-Commerce Marketing Platform, Empowering B2C Companies to Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences and Increase Brand Loyalty

TouchCR’s secure, scalable and cloud-based solution enables marketers to better identify, segment and score consumers in real time, leading to an increase in customer lifetime value


CHICAGO – February 21, 2017TouchCR, provider of an advanced e-commerce marketing platform that empowers B2C companies to develop deep customer insights and market with significant relevance, today unveiled its flagship product under the same name. Developed by marketers for marketers, TouchCR integrates customer data from fragmented sources – such as transactional, demographic and behavioral data – into one easy-to-use platform, enabling marketers to better identify, segment and score customers in real time.


According to Forrester research, companies that excel at customer experience grow revenue three times faster than companies with poor customer experience strategies.

But, without a unified way to organize and act on customer data from all business channels, the process of generating marketing insights that lead to improved customer experiences becomes slow, expensive and imprecise. TouchCR solves this problem by enabling marketers to build deep customer profiles enriched by real-time customer segmentation and scoring. By developing a deep understanding of a target audience, marketers are empowered to provide more personalized, compelling content, ultimately improving customer experiences and leading to positive long-term relationships.


“Our entire executive team, including myself, have spent the majority of our careers in consumer product sales and marketing, and understand first-hand how difficult it can be to identify and engage with customers online,” said Al Corona, president and CEO, TouchCR. “By expediting the time it takes to build complete customer datasets, TouchCR adds tremendous value to consumer-facing marketers and enables them to quickly see more positive results. We’re excited for what the future holds and look forward to dramatically improving the B2C e-commerce landscape.”


TouchCR was developed to address the growing challenges faced by B2C companies when identifying consumers and building strong customer relationships online. TouchCR’s advanced e-commerce marketing platform offers the following key features:



“We developed TouchCR to address B2C e-commerce pain points and drive better business outcomes,” said Ritchie Hale, chief innovation officer and developer of TouchCR. “Our solution’s advanced, centralized management platform eliminates costly, time-consuming data appends and enables marketers to quickly and strategically execute more effective campaigns.”


TouchCR is a hybrid app that integrates with Salesforce products, enabling marketers to view and act on data in real-time. TouchCR provides trusted cloud-based technology, a go-to-market approach, resources for security assessments and can be purchased at the Salesforce AppExchange.


About TouchCR:
TouchCR provides an advanced e-commerce marketing platform that empowers B2C companies to develop deep customer insights and increase brand loyalty. TouchCR delivers a secure, scalable and cloud-based solution that enables B2C e-commerce companies to better identify, segment and score customers in real time and increase customer lifetime value and loyalty. With TouchCR, marketers can market with significant relevance, see direct attribution ROI on media spend and deliver a more personalized experience to customers and prospects. For more information, visit