Shopping Carts 1 (Bundled) 3 (Isolated) 5 (Isolated) 10 (Isolated)
Sales Funnels 3 (Bundled) 3 (Isolated) 5 (Isolated) 10 (Isolated)
Data Append Services* Up to 30 Fields Up to 30 Fields Up to 700 Fields Up to 700 Fields
Live Chat Agents 1 2 4 6
Messages/Month Included 1,000,000 2,000,000 3,000,000 4,000,000
Contacts Included 100,000 200,000 400,000 800,000
Real-time Shipping Integration* Included Included Included Included


16 Industry First Features
Managed IP Address Based Sending Domain
Email + SMS
IP Warmup
List Cleanliness
Deliverability Scoring
Email Address Scoring
Email Address Validation
Inbox Placement Reporting
AI Based Engagement Monitoring & Segmentation
Notification Sending
Email AI - Predictive Content & Recommendations
Email AI - Engagement Scoring & Campaigns
Email Send Cycle Management
Email AI - Predictive Campaigns
Reputation Monitoring & Reporting Optional Optional Included Included
Plus The 24 Industry Standard Features
Email Address Velocity
Email Address Popularity
Email Bounce Automation
Content Management
Email Sends
SMS Text Sending
Email Scheduling
A/B Testing
Performance Reporting
Dynamic Content
Predictive Content
Personalized Messaging
Social Follow links
Social Share links
Prebuild templates
Custom templates
Data Extensions
Data Filters
Web & Mobile Analytics
Email open feedback
Email open feedback
Email click feedback
Email time of day open
Email time of day click


Campaign ROI
Customer Value
Avg. Days to Convert
URL Generator
Primary Email Interest Area
Content Links
Email Links
Social Post links
Ad Links
IMessages and browser notification sequences
Indoctrination Campaign Template
Engagement Template
Post Purchase Template
Ascension Template
Segmentation Template
Re-engagement Template
SMS Short Code*
Dynamic Audience Building & Deployment
Advertising Platform Integrations
Dynamic Engagement Campaigns
Dynamic Audience Building To Platforms
Social Media Append Services*
In App + Browser Notifications
Advertising Cost Integration
Plus The 20 Industry Standard Features
Campaign Automation
Order History
UTM Parameters
Campaign Hierarchy
Personalized Customer Experience (Journeys)
Email Message sequences
SMS Text Message sequences
Cross channel sequences
Journey Goals
Campaign Entry Events
Data Extension Entry Events
API Events
Email Decision Splits
Random Email Splits
Email Engagement Splits
Message Wait Periods
Customer/Account Updates
Lead Updates
Multi Journey Connectivity
Journey Performance


25 Industry First Features
Customer value label
Customer Survival Analysis Type
Optimal Marketing Action
Discovered Customer Demographic - Basic Version*
Future Value Based Customer Analysis
Dynamic order consolidation into from Shopify, BigCommerce, Woo Commerce, Amazon and
Cases Against Orders
360 degree view, Account Information In One Place including email status, name, address, orders, scoring, marketing action, account source, customer value etc
Behavior tracking
Maintain initial customer value
Maintain customer value
Cost Per Acquisition
RFM Scoring within brand and across database
Days since first and last order, average days between orders and days between average and last order date
Numbers of orders and Number of Transactions
Customer Subscription configuration
Email quality score*
Email inbox valid*
Customer interest area
Maintain average order and largest order value
Number of fails and refunds
Subscription Payment Attemtps
Dynamic Pricebook
Plus The 16 Industry Standard Features
Track first and last order date
Customer account web tracking
Customer orders
Order Items
Customer Payment options
Customer Shopping Carts
Customer Whislist
Transactional data
Cases Against Customer
Customer Live Chat Transcripts
Lead capture date and time
Customer service data
Customer Billing and Shipping address & Map
Customer Campaign History
Customer Individual Email Results

Commerce (payment)

33 Industry First Features
Fast Checkout
Single Click Reorder
Card on File
Subscription/Payment Plan
Transaction In-Flight Fraud Detection*
Google UTM Inbuilt
CRM Integration
Built in 3rd Party Data Append*
Key Critical Customer Metrics
Real-time RFM Scoring + Analysis
Predictive Marketing Matrix
Apple Pay on Product
Andoid Pay on Product
Samsung Pay on Product
Product Information Management
Multi-Brand Support
Core Salesforce Platform
Enhanced Google Analytics eCommerce
Upsell Downsell on Cart
Upsell Downsell on Sales Funnel
Bump Offer on Cart
Bump Offer on Sales Funnel
Subscripiton Optin Models on Sales Funnel
Subscripiton Optin Models on Cart Products
Tiered Payment Gateway
Delivery Mapping
Deal Commissions
Transaction Fees
Subscripiton Optin Models on Upsell & Downsells
Credit Card Update Service (TBD)
Branded Affiliate App
Branded Shopping Cart App
Plus The 48 Industry Standard Features
Multiple Payment Gateways
Amazon Marketplace Marketplace
Customer self management center including payment mechanisms
Mobile Web
Mobile Map
Advanced Navigation
Image Options
Product Description
Sales Funnels
Product Information Management
One Click Upsell - Both single and multi step
Bump Offer on Order Form
Floating add to cart button
CDN Support
Support for Stripe , NMI,
Paypal Integration
Content Management
Appe Pay on Order
Android Pay on Order
Samsung Pay on Order
Multiple mobile optimized product layouts
Theme Capable
Customer Reviews
Call Center Support
External Integration
Sales Tax
Secured Own Domain
Tunable Scalable Infrastructure
Available API
Customized Dashboards
Customized Reports
PAAS Deployment Model
Case Management Intregrated
Automated Campaign Management
Price Book Management
Personalized Engine
Social Media Integration
Store Operations
Marketing Journey Support
Coupon system
Share and lIke on all products
Inflight Fraud Detection
Multi-currency support


33 Industry First Features
Standard Set of Reports
Real-time Affiliate Reporting and Dashboards
RFM Reporting/Dashboards - Recency , Frequency , Monetary Value of customer database
Customer Demographics - 11 appended demos*
Customer Buyer Persona reporting/dashboard - 16 types*
Customer Interest Area - 7 interest areas*
Customer Overview Dashboard - Customer performance and value analysis of customers that purchased in specific timeframe.
Marketing Action Matrix Reporting / Email Analysis Reporting
Monetary (customer value) reporting
Frequency Reporting
Recency Purchase Reporting
Customer Value Dashboard
Customer Life Cycle Dashboard - The progression of the customer relationship from initial purchase to Today.
Customer Lifetime Spend Distribution
New vs Returning customer comparision reporting - Customer retention reporting
Sales channel distributions by Sales , Orders, RFM
Average Customer Buying Cycle Reporting
Average transaction frequency of high value customers - RFM
Average order value of high value customers - RFM
Product Purchased by High value customers - RFM
Sales Performance Overview Dashboard -Today , This Week, This Month, This Year
Ecom site vs. Amazon Comparison Reporting
Conversion Channel Specific reporting - Amazon , Shopify, Sales funnel
TCR to FB advertising - Using Demo Reporting for Facebook ads Targeting / using LTV reporting audiences in fb
Customer First purchase month / Customer Last purchase month
Months Since Customer Report
Distribution of Total Customer Value Reports
Average Customer Value Reporting over Timeframe
Distribution of Transaction Frequency Report
Advanced - Interactive Append Data Dashboards comparing High/Low value customers - Using Einstein Analytics
Report & Dashboard Builder
Real-time Chargeback Reporting
Data Mining & Dynamic Dashboards
Plus The 10 Industry Standard Features
Year over Year Reporting (Month over Month, Day over day)
Order Overview Dashboard - Order quantity, revenue, and upsell take rate.
Tracking - UTM Source, Medium, Campaign, Content, & Term Reporting
Order, Leads , & Account Signups reports
Top Product by location reporting
Orders and Revenue by Delivery Territory reporting /Location specific reporting
Ability to create own custom report types with own data selection and derived values across all elements in the database
Create customer dashboards with multiple styles on any created report
Apply segmentation to any report and filters based on data criteria and user security profiles
Standard Reportable Person Account Fields - (64 tcr unique fields) Total = 134

Subscription Management

6 Industry First Features
Cancellation management to create step down, frequency change and on paid and unpaid on hold options on every subscription
Card on File
Subscription options include optin, optout and forced optin
Track payment attempts and money received so far on subscripition
Auto opening of case for call back and recovery
Customer reliability score tracked over time
Plus The 7 Industry Standard Features
One Click Upsell - Both single and multi step with subscription option on each
Bump Offer on Order Form with subscription offer on each
Subscription timing option on each offer
Subscription start and finish specific to each offer
Payment plans on each offer
Multiple Payment Gateways
Auto retry a number of times


9 Industry First Features
Cost per acquisition calculated in real time and associated to customer at point of acquisition
Cost per order calculated in real time
Tracking of leads, account and order creation using source, medium, campaign, content, term, sales funnel, referral domain, landing page
Automated association of orders, leads and customers to campaign based on tracking data input
Automated link building to provide links to marketers for different types of links, including email, posts, ads etc
Google Analytics visit and source information in reports in platform
Yield per customer beynd acquisition tracked against campaign
Automatic order value association to campaign to calculate revenue per campaign
Full GTM/ Google Enhanced Ecommerce Integration
Plus The 5 Industry Standard Features
Cost association by payment date to campaign
Hierarchy calculation of payments
Tracking code available to capture and store information for customer, lead and order
Campaign Hierarchy
Campaign Performance

Product Information Management

6 Industry First Features
In built Product Management in Salesforce Core
Icon based attributes support for products
Comprehensive search using type ahead, as you type search and icon based search
Brand Support
Ingredients support for products
Dynamic Price Management
Plus The 13 Industry Standard Features
Dynamic activate/deactivate products
Product Variance support of multiple types defined by vendor
Catalog Management
Multiple image management including thumbnails etc
Product bundling deals
Product in multi-category
Infinite Category hierarchy
Multiple descriptiion fields both in product and in catgeorgy list
Real-time update to website
Full CDN of your choice integration for image management
Price book management


2 Industry First Features
Loyalty bar code recognition allowing for card on file payments
Lead capture
Plus The 9 Industry Standard Features
Cash or card present payment
Swipe or tap for payment
EMV payments
Real-time processing
Barcode scanning of product to add to cart
Split payments
Endless aisle capability - all products in catalog
Catalog realtime integtaion into system
Sales including product breakdown associated to sales associate

Nerd Stuff (Technical)

13 Industry First Features
Micro service based architecture
Same/Similar code base for web and mobile apps
Pipleline based deployment models
Mobile first reference architecture
Continuous integration available for custom development
Node.js deployment
Ionic front end on website
End point security using oAuth
Angular code base for services
Heroku Connect synchronzing product catalog
Real-time Monitoring of Cart/Funnel
CDN and Caching for All Images
Web page Performance Analysis
Plus The 3 Industry Standard Features
All order processing in real-time using secure REST API
High speed caching and service opertions to maintain high speed site
SiteXML production


2 Industry First Features
Tracking provided for all outbound communication to allow attribution
Reverse Data Append*
Plus The 8 Industry Standard Features
Amazon Marketplace Marketplace
Woo Commerce
Big Commerce
Custom Connectors
Outbound on email, sms, in browser notification, in app notifications based on customer preference and marketing real-time decisions

Customer Service

9 Industry First Features
New Order Wizard supporting call center based ordering
Case Management on order
Scripts displayed on call center interface as required by tasks
Automatic Email Ticket Support
Auto FAQ Creation From Support Cases
Social/SMS/In App Autmatic Case & Agent Interaction
RFM scoring to queue hop and understand profile of customer
Franchisee Support
Full VIOP Call Center Integration
Plus The 13 Industry Standard Features
Customer activity updates/alerts
Case Management on customer
Automate Email responses
Prewritten Templates
Automated Approval Processes
Omni-channel Routing
Computer Telephony Integration
Social Media Response
Automatically log call notes
Automated Field Updates
Automate Task Assignments
Automatic notification to customer service team based in specific datapoint
Create cases based on data points indicating incorrect data

Inventory Management

Plus The 7 Industry Standard Features
Multi-location Inventory Management
Dynamic adjustment based on real-time ordering
Central Warehouse Management
Distributiuon from Central Warehouse to Distributed Warehouse
Minimum quantity management
Dynamic removal of product from site
Scan in and out of multi-location


25 Industry First Features
Identify high , medium and low value clients
See Cost per Acquisition of client based in ad they were acquired on
Track revenue per client against acquisition ad
Track customer value over time
Track Day 0 initial customer value to see spend when first engage
Automated audience building
Segment customers using any data point or cohort
Identify deccelerating customers before they disengage
Report on customer financial performance
Report on product performance
Append data sets to better understand customers*
RFM segmentation on customer value, buying frequency, order size, last order date etc
Identify audiences of different types of clients
Reorder previous order with one click
Identify accelerating customers
Track performance of customer segments
Understand buying cycles of existing clients and tune monetization emails to their buying cycles
Track average days between orders to track buying cycles
Track average days between orders against days since last order to understand attrition behaviour
Add card on file with authorization on card setup
First Order Date maintained to identify buying cohort
Last Order Date buying cohort
Differentail price books based on customer performance
See business performance on different windows
Plus The 4 Industry Standard Features
Card on File based transactions for existing clients
Track products purchased by each customer
Sales funnel acquisition funnels
Track lead sources

Falloffs (Failures)

7 Industry First Features
Card Declines Tracked to Traffic Source Real-time
Card Refunds Tracked to Traffic Source
Chargebacks Tracked to Traffic Source Real-time
Automatic Credit Card Update Service
Automatic Chargeback Notification & Challanges
Automatic notification of failed order to customer contact agent to enable outbound calls
Subscription Fail Notification to Call Center
Plus The 6 Industry Standard Features
Orders that fail at the order form are captured for cart recovery
All card declines recorded in system to track customer reliability
Automatic cart abandonment recovery by email
Subscription Failure Automatic Rebilling
Subscription Failure Automatic Email
Credit Card Fail, Update Credit Card Link

Funnel Management

7 Industry First Features
Payment plan support
Free trail support
Use of Apple Pay on Order Form
Use of Android Pay on Order Form
Use of Samsung Pay on Order Form
Mobile first sales pages and order forms
Shipping on first payment, last payment, or defined payment
Plus The 8 Industry Standard Features
Complete Sales Funnel Management
Offer structure to create products for offers on funnels including pricing changes, subcripition models
Subscripition including opt in, optout or forced optin
Landing pages
2 step order forms
Full tracking on every order
Template driven pages


2 Industry First Features
Have leads or account join unique campaigns based on dynamic data within the system
Respond in near real time to subscriber behaior and interaction with site and or messages
Plus The 3 Industry Standard Features
Have behavour response to delivered messages, sms or email be used as input to move subscriber to micro targeted branch or journey
Have behavour response to delivered messages, sms or email be used as input to place subscriber in audience
Have behavour response to delivered messages, sms or email be used as input to change data in core system and use for further segmentation and reporting


3 Industry First Features
Dynamically and automatically assign or remove subscribers to campaigns using real-time data including transactional, demographic and behavioral
Have the system respond in real-time to behavioral information to change campaign actions
Dynamic information added to profile based on buying behavior and transactions giving a 360 degree real-time complete over of customer


16 Industry First Features
AI Level One - Upsell Path Recommendations
AI Level One - Customer Targeting Recommendations
AI Level One - Subscriber Survival Analysis
AI Affiliate Quality Recommendations
AI Level Two - Buying Frequency Timing Recommednation
AI Level Two - Buying Size Bundling Recommendation
AI Level Two - Customer Purchase Recommendation
AI Level Two - Product Recommendations
AI Level Two - Customer Survival Analysis
Predictive calculation of next buying date
Predictive calculation of future customer value
Predictive calculation of optimal client profile and impact on cart size
Formulaic calculation of future likey buying date
AI Level Three - Marketing Audience Recommendation
AI Level Three - Paid Traffic Performance Recommendation
AI Level Three - Affiliate Performance Recommendation
Plus The 2 Industry Standard Features
Predictive calculation of logical product purchase
Predictive identification of likely attrition


3 Industry First Features
Auto consumer credential creation
Assign user profile based on brand
Tokenized credit card information
Plus The 10 Industry Standard Features
User profile management
Limited data access
Hierarchical data access
consumer login and credentials
oAuth support
SAML support
Social credentials
Password reset
Customer/User freeze and lockout
oAuth revokation


11 Industry First Features
Dynamic append of Customer Demographics - 11 appended demos to lead and/or account*
Dynamic append of Customer Email Performance Profile - 4 appended variables to lead and/or account*
Dynamic append of Customer Buyer Persona - 16 types to lead and/or account*
Dynamic append of Customer Social Profile - 10 appended data points to lead and/or account*
2 Sets of Full RFM Scores updated daily on each customer record
15 Financial metrics calculated real-time based on customer buying behaviour
Dynamic append of Customer Klout score - 2 appended data points to lead and/or account*
Dynamic append of Customer Interest Area - 7 interest areas to lead and/or account*
Dynamic append of Customer's Phsychographic Categories score - 15 appended data points to lead and/or account*
Dynamic append of Customer's Phsychographic Interests score - 3 appended data points to lead and/or account*
Dynamic append of Customer's Advanced Profile - 700 appended data points to lead and/or account*


1 Industry First Features
Rule Based Criteria to identify subscribers who need re-activation or re-engagement
Plus The 4 Industry Standard Features
Campaign Tracking
Automated Messaging
Personalized Content/Messaging
Journey Buildout


4 Industry First Features
Google Tag Manager Data Layer
UTM Tracking Parameters
URL Generator
Google Analytics Enhanced ECommerce
Plus The 16 Industry Standard Features
Products Purchased
Google Tag Manager
Google Analytics
Product Views
In-Site Search
Page Popularity
Visitor Location
Referring Sites
Cart Abandonment
Visitors by Day
Device Breakdown
Viewing Browser
Email Conversions
Visitor Path
Streaming Updates
Campaign Performance

Real - Time Automation (Dynamic)

Plus The 10 Industry Standard Features
Automated Campaigns
Automated Journeys
Process Builder
Email Alerts
Field Updates
Outbound Messaging

Hybrid Dist. Support/Design & Execution

12 Industry First Features
Franchisee App
Full Delivery Management
Geo targeted delivery provider mapping
Delivery date selector for customer
Same day delivery cut off window support
Customer specific delivery instruction management
Franchisee Management
Franchisee CC Processing and Payout system
Dynamic delivery planning and scheduling
Delivery app
Franchisee order recognition based on geography of order
Notifications based on driver position
Plus The 6 Industry Standard Features
Delivery management per geographic area
Pricing based on State and Country
Dynamic route planning for delivery
Order plotting on maps
Delivery complete recognition
Driver tracking


5 Industry First Features
Customer order scored in same way as platform order
Marketplace Integrations (Amazon & Jet)
Customer matching on record inside system
Marketplace Customer Audience Building
Reverse append of email address*
Plus The 3 Industry Standard Features
Integration into amazon to pull customer and order data near real-time
No email send on marketplace email address
Product catalogue imported dynamically

Incremental Revenue Builder

2 Industry First Features
One click re-order
Card on file ordering
Plus The 3 Industry Standard Features
Subscription support
Sales Funnels
Dynamic Price Books


3 Industry First Features
Purchasing Behavior
Money in account
Scan Barcode for card on file purchase
Plus The 3 Industry Standard Features
Customer Authentication
Loyalty Card/Point System
Rewards Program

Social Selling

4 Industry First Features
SHOP link for Facebook
Dynamic Audience Building based on behaviour, demographic and transactional actions by the subscriber
Shopping capability in Instagram
Audience push to social and ad platforms automatically


10 Industry First Features
Salesforce Community based access
Role based access to levels of data and applications
Dynamic data and content access
Social or internal credential
Inter member communication
Support - members solving problems for other members and customers
Product - members providing feedback and ideas on how to improve the product
Content - members providing and enhancing content on the platform
Engagement - members connecting around common issues, questions and topics
Training Course Access

Learning Management System*

12 Industry First Features
My Trailhead
Knowledge Articles
Custom Courses
Custom Branding
Course Catalog
Real-time Custom Reporting
Certification Management
Mobile Access
Drip Feed Material
Schedule live courses

Interactive Content/CMS

13 Industry First Features
Intuitive indexing, search and retrieval
Format Management
Revision Features
Publishing Functionality
Web pages as templates
Approval process for content
Menu structure builder
Link Builder
HTML formatter


20 Industry First Features
Schedule Events
Invite leads and contacts
Modify events
Access historical events
Address Book
Customized invitations
Waiting room with agenda
Registration/Profile page
Screen sharing & remote screen control
Polls & surveys
Chat translation
Toll-free phone numbers
Webinar & attendee statistics
Social media sharing
Thank you page
Performance rating

Dynamic Audience Building

1 Industry First Features
Non web based event driven association and removal of people to audience
Plus The 4 Industry Standard Features
Web based Event driven association and removal of people to audience
Dynamic association and removal of people to audience
Journey based association or removal of people to audiences
Distribution of audiences via liveRamp or direct to Facebook and Google

Call Center Integration/Conditional Scripting (Q2)

3 Industry First Features
Split testing and spript conditional paths and upsells
Order processing interface for call center
Scripting for interface
Plus The 3 Industry Standard Features
Integration to VOIP based phone systems
Conditional routing based on caller, workload, expertise, or inbound number
Press to call from interface

Engagement List Building

6 Industry First Features
IP Warmup
List Cleanliness
Cascade Campaigns
Dynamic data based association of subscribers to campaigns
Email Scoring
Engagement Campaigns
Plus The 2 Industry Standard Features
Provide visibility of open and clicks on emails
Provide automation to move subscribers between campaigns based on behavior

Affiliate Marketing

9 Industry First Features
Real-time affiliate performance management and comparative scoring
Dashboards of UTM data and Conversion
Source Report
Medium Report
Campaign Report
Content Report
Real-time Chargeback Prevention & Refunds
Real-time Chargeback/Refund Traffic Profiling
Real-time Affiliate Traffic Acceleration & Decceleration
Plus The 25 Industry Standard Features
Affiliate Registration
W9 Recording
Payment mechanism recording
Offer Management
Tracking links creation
Pixel creation and placement on our site
Payout Total
Cookie Window
Attribution method (Pixel tracking on TY page)
Refunds (do they still get paid out for refunds)
Uniform UTM Source for affiliates
Payout window – Net 30?
CPA payout Report
Revenue Report
# of Orders (Conversions)
Visits (Sessions)
Refunds Report
Calculate Cost (CPA x #Tx.)
Calculate ROI
Calculate Average Tx
Calculate Conversion Rate
Calculate Cost Per Click
Calculate Revenue Per Click
Calculate Earnings Per Click
Calculate Refund Rate

Dynamic/Conditional Surveys

6 Industry First Features
Conditional Branching
Professionally designed survey templates
Send surveys via web, social, email
Real-time survey results
Survey data export
Custom survey reports


12 Industry First Features
Audience building based on RFM profile
ROI Planning based on RFM audiences
Spending profile based on RFM
Brand Specific segmented Scoring
Data segmentation based scoring
RFM score history change
Purchasing behaviour based on RFM profiling
Recency calculator
Frequency Calculator
Monetary value calculator
RFM drived scoring based on Recency squared
Convert mid-value customers to high-value
Plus The 3 Industry Standard Features
Customer Scoring
Whole database based scoring
Identify high-valued customers


5 Industry First Features
Cart Integrations (Shopify, Woo, BigCommerce)
Sales tax - Avalara
Sales tax - Great Wave
Shipping - Zencraft Shipmate
Shipping USPS