Scoring and Segmentation

With TouchCR you can identify the value of each of your customers, and understand what they contribute to your business today. Plus, you will have the power to recognize who of these customers will have the highest positive impact on your bottom line in the future, and see the financial behaviors driving those results.


Our custom scoring solution allows you to develop a predictive understanding of when your customers are likely to buy with you, how much they are likely to spend, and how valuable they are likely to become over time.


The solution builds on RFM scoring by enhancing it with demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data captured within one profile for each customer in your database. Scores are calculated the moment records are created or loaded into the system, and data is refreshed as customers take action.


In addition to our custom scoring solution, TouchCR includes a wealth of external customer data, which, allows you to view your customers in any way that is most meaningful for you.


Real-time analytics tools allow you to group customers in your database by their score, demographics, interest areas, or transaction history, so you can view your business at the 30,000-foot level, or one customer at a time.


See which customers are driving your business, and understand who they are at a deeper level. Apply these learnings to create look-alike audiences in the marketplace and acquire more of your best customers.


This robust view of your customer – today, and into the future – allows you to focus your marketing on winning strategies. Find out how!